Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It seems people swallow insults more readily than they accept the praises which others throw at them. I don't know why that is the case, but i dont think it would hurt to suppose. I tend to be wrong ,but i feel the reason is that almost all of us are afraid of Failure and Disappointment.

These fears create some sort of an emptiness in our souls which prevent us from trying something we are not sure of , or atleast tend to hold us back. I keep experiencing this . I think maybe you do too. If you don't , i am sure you are going to reach great heights. I keep thinking a lot into why people do this kind of stuff. Losing in front of people you look upto or those who look up to you is always difficult for anyone. Maybe that is why we don't try out new stuff and tend to remain in our comfort zones.

When do you know if something is worth trying? Is it when someone you know has done it? Why don't many of us take risks? I positively have no clue. I really want to meet someone who has taken a huge gamble and has succeded. Maybe that will help me to overcome this fear.

Or maybe i just need to look up to my God who has done the same by creating me. He did it with a purpose and He included free will in me. But will i ever overcome the fear of venturing out?

Our comfort zones are places of solace.But what is the point if we live our life as a routine.Without adventure, without spirit..wont it be pointless? Won't it be an insult to our Creator if His greatest creations are in a state of dormancy? We need to think out of the box.

If a risk is worth taking , we ought to take it ..keeping in mind the perception of the people we care about and who care about us. We need to rip apart the so called boundaries of our comfort zones, The Chains of Dormancy . We need to set our own identity in this world.We need to BREAK FREE!!!....

Thank You for going through this !! Your comments are deeply appreciated ..


  1. you have my full agreement.
    in fact history is suggestive of the fact that people who have reached great heights in their lives, never started on an easy or a pre-established path, they ventured on for something new, faced difficulties, overcame them and finally emerged victorious.

    "Thats why i chose biotech :D :D"

  2. @ white fox...nice blog man!....:)...if u really need 2 see ppl who have taken risks....see sameer bhatia...founder of hotmail...see d enormous ppl who start deir own business and make something worthwhile of their sure if u look arnd...der ll be a lot of such ppl who have taken huge risks :)...just open ur eyes...n ull see numerous guys out der...who ve made a difference by treading on deir own path :)

  3. very true and very well said...:)

  4. U r ryt bro......
    but ain't it clear.... we r afraid to do the out of the box thing 'cause....... v all hav something to loose.... nd nobody likes loosing somethin

  5. nice words man..........very very true....

  6. very true.... everyone that their own inhibitions which stops them from realising their actual potential...i guess, most of the times people are afraiding of making a fool of themselves and getting hurt. But as you have said, the god put freewill in us for a definite purpose...the challenge is to use it...

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