Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Rising......

Many times i have wondered, what the purpose of my life is. Is it possible to find that out?
I dont know!!..I wish i did. Why? I want to travel by the path which could minimize the effort and maximize the gain when i finally fulfill that purpose. But, what is the assurance that i will know what that purpose is..not now..atleast in the future?

I keep wondering, i think that maybe you do too. No, you do or did. I hope you did, so that you can help me find out!!If you have'nt maybe we can work together and search for what the Purpose of Life is.Hey, tell me ,is it possible to find a purpose in life? I believe in God. Is He just watching us make fools out of ourselves? Viewing us like we stare at animals in zoos, thinking how uncivilized we must be behaving? Or is He worried about us, thinking why His creation has gone wild, unable to find their true purpose?

I think the latter but i maybe wrong as i am frequently. I believe that every invention could be used for everything.But, the efficiency of the invention is maximum when it is used for what it is meant for. I believe a Train can fly but its efficiency is infinitesimally small for flight and hence, it ought not be used for that ( love that word!!! ).Similarly , all that is intended of a man is to fulfill his true purpose in life and leave this earthly abode.

For this some soul searching is needed, but amma always says i am bad at finding things!!
Do you have any ideas? Think aloud ,think practical ...but will this world allow us to pursue all our dreams?

Maybe you are meant to help the malnourished children of South Africa..or maybe you are meant to coach the Swedish Women's Cricket team or ..i donno..u tell me..But whatever it is, You are meant for it. When you find that special place or that special something, you will rise from the ashes strewn across your history..and i will witness you fly..I will witness your RISING!!!

Thank you for spending your valuable time reading this...Your comments are appreciated!!!


  1. its beautiful....many of us surely have felt this....all i can say is that i am sure god is seeing us all....and i am also sure that u will find the purpose of your life too....we will all witness u fly. :)

  2. i second nishita....awaiting your rising :P
    very well written first piece....keep blogging :)

  3. i appreciate your effort to understand the purpose of your life.
    you are very true to say that god has sent us all with some specific purpose, but one thing i tell you my friend that he won't tell you about it directly, you have to look out for it. its kind of a quest, god will give you directions, he will show you the path, but you have to walk. look out for omens, they will direct you.

  4. Philosophical, i must say. And it is an awesome thought written in good style. Keep writing more. :)

  5. I really admire the way you connect yourself to God!
    Nice Philosophy man! Will be looking forward to more posts!
    Just had one thing to add (my perspective about purpose of life) - i had recently realized that probably purpose of life is having a passion (it can be anything at all) and working towards your passion which i guess in turn would give you happiness (which again probably is the ultimate thing we are trying to achieve).