Tuesday, December 28, 2010


My friends have taught me a lot of things. I seriously owe a lot to you all right now, for all the changes you have made in me for the better. Some have taught me that it is easier to accept defeat and move on , rather than dwell in the past. Some have taught me that love and happiness will find me if I pray about it sincerely. But, a few of my friends have influenced me to such an extend, that I believe that I would be friendless hadn't it been for them and their timely lessons and interventions.

My first lesson came from a close friend of mine K.J who told me very sternly that I was an idiot. His reason was quite a surprise for me as it very often is relating to matters of the heart. Instead of advice, which my ego would have rejected easily as my appetite rejects "Mess Idlis",he asked me a question which changed my life forever. He asked me " Do you ever think from the other person's point of view?"

My second lesson came from one of my best friends R.H. She seemingly considered me worthy of trust and friendship. She taught me that basic fact which I continue to understand everyday! The situations in life is determined not only by your present conditions but also by your past experiences. In simpler terms .."What you think , need not necessarily be what your friends think and feel , for the basic reason that both of you are from different backgrounds".

My third and most important lesson came from another of my best friends R.I. She taught me that it is most important to respect yourself, to know who you are , to believe in what you say and do. In simpler words, " Learn to believe in your strengths, coz only then can you change, only then can you grow"

Hope the lessons my friends taught me will benefit you too. I thank God for all my friends; for their love and support. You guys are teaching me to Live!...THANK YOU

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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Have you ever been in love? Everyone has, at some point or the other,not necessarily with a guy or a girl ,maybe with your pet, your sport, your hobby , something or the other for that matter. It is an amazing feeling. Like you exist for that person and that person for you. When you both realize that the feeling is mutual, you begin to wonder whether you are in a dream.Life seems to become more and more beautiful each passing moment.

A dear friend and classmate ,once told me, " You have to set your priorities before you become committed to something". He is totally right. Loving someone/something by ignoring your true purpose or commitment is in utter violation of the precious treaty you have with the Almighty , the treaty which placed you here as His child.

Is it wrong then , to love someone ? I don't think so. If you set your priorities right and work towards achieving your goals in each, there is no doubt that you will succeed. I believe in God. I pray that He will always be my first priority, for that is all He wants of me and in that respect, from each one of us.

So GUYS, do set your priorities right. For then ,and only then, will you be able to fulfill your true purpose here. And falling in love, well that is a different story all together. Hope it happens at the right time for everyone.

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THIS ARTICLE IS DEDICATED TO MY BLOGGING INSPIRATIONS A.J, V.L and V.P who will recognize themselves for they are too humble to speak out loud.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It seems people swallow insults more readily than they accept the praises which others throw at them. I don't know why that is the case, but i dont think it would hurt to suppose. I tend to be wrong ,but i feel the reason is that almost all of us are afraid of Failure and Disappointment.

These fears create some sort of an emptiness in our souls which prevent us from trying something we are not sure of , or atleast tend to hold us back. I keep experiencing this . I think maybe you do too. If you don't , i am sure you are going to reach great heights. I keep thinking a lot into why people do this kind of stuff. Losing in front of people you look upto or those who look up to you is always difficult for anyone. Maybe that is why we don't try out new stuff and tend to remain in our comfort zones.

When do you know if something is worth trying? Is it when someone you know has done it? Why don't many of us take risks? I positively have no clue. I really want to meet someone who has taken a huge gamble and has succeded. Maybe that will help me to overcome this fear.

Or maybe i just need to look up to my God who has done the same by creating me. He did it with a purpose and He included free will in me. But will i ever overcome the fear of venturing out?

Our comfort zones are places of solace.But what is the point if we live our life as a routine.Without adventure, without spirit..wont it be pointless? Won't it be an insult to our Creator if His greatest creations are in a state of dormancy? We need to think out of the box.

If a risk is worth taking , we ought to take it ..keeping in mind the perception of the people we care about and who care about us. We need to rip apart the so called boundaries of our comfort zones, The Chains of Dormancy . We need to set our own identity in this world.We need to BREAK FREE!!!....

Thank You for going through this !! Your comments are deeply appreciated ..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Rising......

Many times i have wondered, what the purpose of my life is. Is it possible to find that out?
I dont know!!..I wish i did. Why? I want to travel by the path which could minimize the effort and maximize the gain when i finally fulfill that purpose. But, what is the assurance that i will know what that purpose is..not now..atleast in the future?

I keep wondering, i think that maybe you do too. No, you do or did. I hope you did, so that you can help me find out!!If you have'nt maybe we can work together and search for what the Purpose of Life is.Hey, tell me ,is it possible to find a purpose in life? I believe in God. Is He just watching us make fools out of ourselves? Viewing us like we stare at animals in zoos, thinking how uncivilized we must be behaving? Or is He worried about us, thinking why His creation has gone wild, unable to find their true purpose?

I think the latter but i maybe wrong as i am frequently. I believe that every invention could be used for everything.But, the efficiency of the invention is maximum when it is used for what it is meant for. I believe a Train can fly but its efficiency is infinitesimally small for flight and hence, it ought not be used for that ( love that word!!! ).Similarly , all that is intended of a man is to fulfill his true purpose in life and leave this earthly abode.

For this some soul searching is needed, but amma always says i am bad at finding things!!
Do you have any ideas? Think aloud ,think practical ...but will this world allow us to pursue all our dreams?

Maybe you are meant to help the malnourished children of South Africa..or maybe you are meant to coach the Swedish Women's Cricket team or ..i donno..u tell me..But whatever it is, You are meant for it. When you find that special place or that special something, you will rise from the ashes strewn across your history..and i will witness you fly..I will witness your RISING!!!

Thank you for spending your valuable time reading this...Your comments are appreciated!!!