Saturday, October 9, 2010


Have you ever been in love? Everyone has, at some point or the other,not necessarily with a guy or a girl ,maybe with your pet, your sport, your hobby , something or the other for that matter. It is an amazing feeling. Like you exist for that person and that person for you. When you both realize that the feeling is mutual, you begin to wonder whether you are in a dream.Life seems to become more and more beautiful each passing moment.

A dear friend and classmate ,once told me, " You have to set your priorities before you become committed to something". He is totally right. Loving someone/something by ignoring your true purpose or commitment is in utter violation of the precious treaty you have with the Almighty , the treaty which placed you here as His child.

Is it wrong then , to love someone ? I don't think so. If you set your priorities right and work towards achieving your goals in each, there is no doubt that you will succeed. I believe in God. I pray that He will always be my first priority, for that is all He wants of me and in that respect, from each one of us.

So GUYS, do set your priorities right. For then ,and only then, will you be able to fulfill your true purpose here. And falling in love, well that is a different story all together. Hope it happens at the right time for everyone.

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THIS ARTICLE IS DEDICATED TO MY BLOGGING INSPIRATIONS A.J, V.L and V.P who will recognize themselves for they are too humble to speak out loud.


  1. Nice one. Setting priorities is definitely important, but not losing the sight of them is even more imp. What i feel is when u are in luv your whole world shrinks to one person. you turn blind to everything over and around him/her. BIG MISTAKE. cos no one knows what future holds, and as they say, if u put all ur eggs in one basket and that basket topples, you will have absolutely nothing left with you....still, as you hav said it aint wrong to fall in love. As long as you have a grip over yourself. What say mate ? :)

  2. Can't agree with you more Rose, for what is life without Love. :)

  3. nice one bro.... bt i'm confused, how can we know wht we r here for??